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Blue Eyed Soulless

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

A legend is an unauthenticated, sometimes historical story that some deem to be true. I always thought it was folklore. Something my parents told us kids to scare us. It worked until I turned ten. I believed no legends were real until I was a witness to one. This is the legend of Blue Eyed Soulless.

A scorned woman found out her husband had been unfaithful to her. She tried to forgive him and move on with their life, but it burdened her soul. Until one day she woke up in the middle of the night to her husband just walking in and she could smell the lingering perfume of another woman on his body. This drove her to her breaking point, and she went crazy, banging her fists onto his chest. Crying and screaming that he ruined her life and ruined everything they created together. They argued, and she kept swinging, continuously hitting him. He grabbed her by the neck and started to choke her. He threw her against the bed but his hand never loosened his hold on her throat. She saw the pleasure in his eyes. She grabbed the closest thing near her and banged it over his head. Then she ran to the safe they had hidden. She entered the code as quick as she could, pulling out the gun and pointed it at him.

“Stop!” She warned.

When he didn’t stop coming towards her, she pulled the trigger, the bullet flying in between his eyes, killing him.

The cops came, and hauled her to jail for manslaughter, earning fifteen years behind bars. HIs unfinished business kept him prisoner on Earth. The medical examiner that performed the autopsy, discovered the DNA of a woman who had been murdered the same night. Turns out that Blue Eyes Soulless wasn’t being unfaithful to his wife, he had been murdering multiple women and getting away with it for years. After dying, Blue Eyed Soulless possessed men and had them kill the woman they loved the most and kept their souls from moving on. Legend has it he’s looking for the woman who took his life and until he does, he will stay on Earth. Legend has it that the person who discovered his crimes was the first one Blue Eyed Soulless had killed.

This is how I found out that Blue Eyed Soulless wasn't a legend but was real:

My husband walked in and I didn't know who this man was. He walked towards me like lightning and put his hands over my neck. I looked into his eyes I knew he wasn't the man I had fallen in love with. His eyes used to be full of wonder and appreciation for life. I couldn't tell you anything that this man was thinking whether it be about his family or his friends.

Now as he squeezed the life out of me, I could tell you nothing about him. Because I didn't know this man. His eyes were dark and carried so many secrets. His soul was no longer with him and I knew that this man wasn't the same one I had spent the past years of my life with. This was not the man that I had slept beside for the past year or the man that had knelt down on his knees and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I could breathe no longer as his hands wrapped tighter and tighter around my throat and I knew Blue Eyed Soulless had taken over. I closed my eyes and whispered a final prayer, waiting to take my last breath and feel my heartbeat one final time.

As I took my last breath, my husband started to return to his body. His eyes filled with the love I had seen in him every day of our relationship. As he realized what he had done, tears started to fill his eyes. He dropped down to his knees and begged for forgiveness while trying to bring me back to life. I tried to tell him that I knew it wasn’t his fault and that there was nothing to be forgiven for, but it was of no use as I stood standing over my own body.

Blue Eyed Soulless had taken another victim and I could see him on the other side of the room, his face upturned as if he was smiling. As the light came down to retrieve me, I turned away as I had unfinished business of my own. Stopping my father from claiming another soul.

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