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My Bookish Bucket List For Things I Want To Do

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

These are some of the bookish things I would love to do. Hopefully, I can do them all in the next year or too. I have reasons for some and no reasons for others. I would just like to experience them.

1. Meet more authors in person

I’ve met some authors here on Instagram and on Twitter - when I had it, but I would love to meet a couple of authors in person and have a conversation face to face about our different projects.

2. Read a horror book

As a person who hates anything that frightens me, this is going to be a hard one for me. Does anyone have any suggestions on which horror book I should read?

3. Own enough books to have my own library

I want enough books to fill up a whole room.

4. Attend a book conference or book fair

I have never been to one and would like to.

5. Do an author signing

I would like to meet people who read my book and liked it.

6. Go to a library bar

I wasn’t even aware they had a library bar until a couple of days ago. I feel like it would be an awesome place to meet other people but also write a little.

7. Visit a library in a different country

8. Publish a Poetry Book

I have a couple of poems written for it already. The hard part is deciding which poems should go in the book and which should not.

9. Have enough published books to fill the top of a cake

10. Narrate an audiobook

I would like to narrate a book, my own or someone else’s.

11. Attend a Writing Retreat

It would be a nice place to work on my book with other people who are working on their writing.

12. Have enough book shelves to fit all my books

13. Make a book cake

14. Attend a book reading

15. Visit the Morgan Library and Museum in New York

16. Go to a book themed amusement park

This is another one I didn’t even know existed. I feel like it would be fun for everyone.

17. Go to a book-themed café

18. Attend a book convention

19. Throw A Book-Themed Dinner Party

20. Create a reading nook

What are some bookish things you would like to do this year?

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