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Want your writing at next level? These are four things every writer should have.

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Every writer knows that inspiration or ideas don't only strike when you're sitting in front of a computer. Ideas are born anywhere, any time, and any place. So here are four things every writer should always have on them, just case imagination strikes when least expected.

1) A Folder

A writer should always carry a folder with them. Any idea can be slipped right into it. A folder also keeps ideas organized and makes sure you never forget an idea while out of your house.

2) A Notebook or Paper

A writer should always carry paper with them. Slip the paper right into your folder and you're golden. As a writer, you know ideas can come and go within a heartbeat. And if ideas are flowing, you do not want to wait.

3) Pens or Pencils

A writer should always have two utensils on them. You don't want to go to write down an idea and your pen is out of ink. Or worse, you have nothing to write with.

4) Index Cards or Post-It Notes

You might think this is a waste if you're already carrying a notebook but it's not. You can outline story chapters on index cards. Write quick notes and stick them on your folder. Plus, they might come in handy for your day job.

Every writer should have these four items with them when they leave the house . You will never have to struggle again to remember an idea you had while you were at the park. Is there anything that you would add too this list?

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